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Soy Lact

Ginger syrup

Lactobacillus fermented drink that power of soybeans and 100% plant based.

This additive-free, purely plant-based health-supporting beverage is made from soybeans grown in Kyushu, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, and fermented with plant-derived lactobacillus for a long time. The plant-derived lactic acid bacteria promote the function of good bacteria, and the soy isoflavone supports the maintenance of healthy bones.


Additive-free, pure plant-based health-supporting beverage.
You can take plant-derived lactobacillus and soy isoflavone in W.


W power of plant-derived lactobacillus and soy isoflavone.

Soylact is a health-supporting beverage that fermented for an extended period of time made from only soybeans grown in Fukuoka Prefecture and plant-derived lactobacillus that additive-free and purely plant-based.
The plant-derived lactobacilli isolated from pickles are resistant to acidity and reach the intestines without being decomposed by stomach acid, becoming food for beneficial bacteria and helping to regulate the intestinal environment. The intestines, called the "second brain," are an important organ that controls human health.
Improving the intestinal environment enhances immunity and makes the body less susceptible to disease. Meanwhile, isoflavone, a functional component of soybeans, supports the function of estrogen, which prevents calcium leakage. It is an ingredient that should be actively continued to be taken in order to maintain bone health. Soylact is an easy way to continue taking the double power of plant-derived lactobacillus, which help good bacteria work in the intestines, and soy isoflavone, which helps maintain bone health.



It make easier to drink to sugar that adding lightly sweetened. Using beets sugar which is slowly absorbed by the body.


Add puree of "Amaou" which is a specialty strawberry of Fukuoka Prefecture to SoyLact(Plain) . This is a product that even children can drink.


Add paste of "Yame Matcha" which is a specialty green tea of Fukuoka Prefecture to SoyLact(Plain) . The aroma and moderate bitterness of matcha tea are popular among young women.

Sugar free

Finished with a special technology that completes lactobacillus fermentation without adding sugar. It is characterized by its refreshing acidity and clean aftertaste.

Black beans

This SoyLact is made from black soybeans, which are rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanin has antioxidant properties and is an essential ingredient for middle-aged and elderly women. It's adding few Beets Sugar for easy to drink.

Black sugar free

This drink is made by fermenting black soybean soy milk, which is rich in anthocyaanins, with lactobacillus without adding carbohydrates. It is characterized by creaminess and moderate acidity.

The raw material is "Hachiro Syoga" from Kumamoto.
Ginger syrup with clear effects and benefits.

It is a thick ginger syrup without additives, made without using a single drop of water using "Hachiro Syoga" produced in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture. We succeeded in obtaining solid evidence through industry-academia-government collaboration. We have also completed the notification of functional food (G272) with clear indications of efficacy and effectiveness.


This is rich syrup without adding asingle dreop of water.
"Hachiro Syoga" from Yatsushiro which is famous low in fiber and juicy.
It is one of the few functional foods (G272) in the ginger syrup category.


What is "Hachiro Syoga"?

Ginger has been used for food and medicinal purposes since ancient times. Kumamoto Prefecture is the second largest producer of ginger in Japan. Among them, "Hachiro ginger" produced in Yatsushiro is about five times larger than ordinary ginger, and is characterized by its low fiber content and high aroma. The Hachiro ginger is rarely distributed on the market, and is used in a rich, concentrated ginger syrup made without using a single drop of water which is "Kinkyokan"

Functional food with solid evidence.

Developed through an industry-academia-government collaboration between Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Sangyo University, and our company, "Kinkyokan" is a Food with Functional Claims (G272) with solid evidence. It has been reported that 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol contained in ginger have the function of maintaining the body temperature of peripheral parts when the temperature and room temperature are low. The 20 ml of "Kinkyokan" contains 2.835 mg of 6-gingerol and 0.23 mg of 6-shogaol.

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