Food tech farm that fosters

agriculture and health.

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About Us

Agape Farm is sixth industrialization company that started by growing safe and secure vegetables without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. As a "food tech farm that fosters agriculture and health," we are working on growing vegetables and processed foods that support people's healthy lives.

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Line Up

This additive-free, purely plant-based health-supporting beverage is made from soybeans grown in Kyushu, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, and fermented with plant-derived lactobacillus for a long time. The plant-derived lactic acid bacteria promote the function of good bacteria, and the soy isoflavone supports the maintenance of healthy bones.

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It is a thick ginger syrup without additives, made without using a single drop of water using "Hachiro Syoga" produced in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture. We succeeded in obtaining solid evidence through industry-academia-government collaboration. We have also completed the notification of functional food (G272) with clear indications of efficacy and effectiveness.

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We accept OEM production of Soylacts, etc.
Please feel free to contact us for details.