About Us

Unconditional love for people and nature.

Agape Farm is aSixth industrial company that started out by growing "safe and secure" vegetables without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. As a "Food tech farm that fosters agriculture and health," we are engaged in growing vegetables and processed foods that support people's healthy lives. The origin of our company name, "Agape," means "free love" in Greek. In order to be widely recognized as a company that lives up to its name, we will continue to earnestly engage in agriculture and product development with a spirit of love and compassion, and work together with our many business partners to open up a bright future.

Agapefarm 3 Mission


Contributing to people's health and creating a happy future.

Agape Farm is a group company of Agape Pharmacy which currently operates 79 stores. Through my interactions with many patients, I realized that it is important to take measures to prevent illness, not just after getting sick. That's why Agape Farm focuses on maintaining health before getting sick.


Creating the future of agriculture from Fukuoka Pref.

Agape Farm will focus on growing vegetables and creating products using natural farming methods. We do not use any additives in our processed foods and use only plant-based ingredients to provide products that can be used with peace of mind. Furthermore, we will aim to create employment opportunities and contribute to the local community through the expansion of agricultural production and the processing and sales business.


Active co-creation with business partners.

Agape Farm is working together with various people, including research institutes and local companies, to develop products. We will continue to actively co-create with a variety of business partners to provide health-supporting food products that are not limited to our original products, but that are also geared to the times.

A cycle that fosters agriculture and health.

Agape Farm is committed to protecting human health and local agriculture and building a sustainable food and health industry for the future. We nurture people's health through the processed foods derived from our proprietary soybean fermentation technology and cultivation of pesticide-free vegetables.

About our commitment farming methods.

"pesticide-free cultivation," in which crops are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Agape Farm Co., Ltd. which began with the cultivation of ginger and jumbo garlic, has always been committed to natural farming methods since its establishment. 2021, the farm received JAS organic certification as a contract farm for Avios Inc. and began growing broccoli and peppers. In the future, we will focus on producing more agricultural products and will introduce a new form of agriculture to the rest of the country.

Company Profile

Company Name
Agapefarm Co., Ltd.
Business Activities
・Production and sales of agricultural products (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used during the growing period).
・Production and sales of processed agulicultural products.
・Manufacture OEM products.
Kazuyuki Fujiki
17 Oct 2013
Number of Employees
13 persons
Main Factory
361-1 Matsunobu Chikuzenmachi Asakuragun Fukuoka, 8380224 Japan.
TEL:+81-946-42-8130/FAX : +81-946-42-8131
Farm Office
206-1 Shisojima Chikuzenmachi Asakuragun Fukuoka, 8380212 Japan.
History of the Company
Apr. 2015 Acquired certified farmer (certification number: 27-1)
Jul. 2015 First investment in Fukuoka Financial Group's "Agricultural Corporation Growth Support Fund.
Dec. 2015 Farm office completed.
Jan. 2016 Head office address moved to Chikuzenmachi.
Feb. 2016 Business Innovation Plan for Ministry of Economy, Approval (Approval Number: No. 4864)
Group company
Agape Co., Ltd. (Pharmacy Management)
Associe Group ( Nursing-care business)
Main Factory
Farm Office


We accept OEM production of Soylacts, etc.
Please feel free to contact us for details.